Our oral medicine & oral pathology specialist assists patients with diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal disorders, oral ulcers, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions, and other related matters. Most of these services are covered by Alberta Health Care.

We are also happy to see patients requiring care for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD). Although TMJD is not covered by Alberta Health Care, treatment is often covered by other health care plans.

Patient Self Referral – only for TMJD consultations

Phone: 780-306-5656

Email: info@eccfm.ca

Referral by Physician or Dentist – required for all other oral health conditions.

Referring physicians or dentists, please send completed referral form (see below) or referral letter to:

Fax: 780-306-5757



Oral Pathology Referral Form

Referring physicians/dentists will receive a referral acceptance fax, followed by a booking notification letter via fax. We will also contact your patient directly with an appointment time.

Dr. Vandana Singh